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September Newsletter

Read our Sept. 16, 2014 e-newsletter by clicking HERE!

Over 1100 people have signed our petitions to stop Fitchburg's Urban Service Area Amendments

623 Fitchburg residents signed a petition in 2013, addressed the Fitchburg Common Council, urging it to not submit an Urban Service Area Amendment for the rural area known as the "Northeast Neighborhood" at the time. After the Council voted 6-2 to submit the application to the CARPC (Capital Area Regional Planning Commission), we started a petition to the CARPC, asking them to deny the applications for the Northeast Neighborhood and the North Stoner Prairie Neighborhood. Over 520 have signed that petition. We will soon turn in copies of both petitions to the CARPC, so that they can see how great the opposition is to these two unnecessary and harmful Urban Service Area expansions.

WWPC Potluck and video on Friday, August 22 at the Fitchburg Public Library, 5530 Lacy Rd.

You are invited to bring a dish to pass (and your tableware) and enjoy a delicious meal, then see our new short video filmed in the Waubesa Wetlands in canoes in July. It makes the case for protecting this "Wetland Gem" by not developing the Northeast Neighborhood just upstream from it. The potluck starts at 5:45 p.m. (you must be in the building before 6 because the library closes then), and the program begins at 6:30. We'll hear some remarks by Fitchburg Alder Steve Arnold on good urban planning, watch the video, and then have Q&A with Professor Cal DeWitt. Please come and bring a friend!

Fitchburg Common Council votes against common sense, we take our fight to the CARPC.

On Feb. 25, the Fitchburg Common Council voted 6 – 2 in favor of submitting Urban Service Area Amendment Applications for the Northeast Neighborhood and the North Stoner Prairie Neighborhood to CARPC, the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission. Alders Steve Arnold and Dorothy Krause voted against the measure, and we thank them. The next step is for the CARPC to consider and vote on the applications, and we will be urging them to turn them down. The public hearing will likely happen on August 14, at the Fitchburg City Hall, though we don't know for sure yet. In the meantime, we'll continue to educate people about how harmful approving these applications would be. Click here to read more, and contact us at westwaubesa@gmail.com if you can help us collect petition signatures between now and August.